Reactions As This Asian Nigerian Is Happy To Do His NYSC In The Country


National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) is a mandatory service every graduate in Nigeria must go through as a Nigerian graduating from a Nigeria university or any university outside the country.

What that mean is that, even if you studied abroad, it is imperative that you will do your youth service in Nigeria. Most people dread it because of the camp experience. The training, waking up very early in the morning and more.

Some dread it also because of the remote village they might be sent to. But funny enough, some love it for the same reason. They find it interesting and adventurous. Another good thing is, most students get to serve in a different Region, for instance, most Igbos serve in the North. Most Northerners serve in the West or South East and so on. This enables them to experience other cultures, food and way of life.

Now to the main story, a certain half Asian and half Nigerian known as Linovin on Twitter happily posted a picture of himself in NYSC attire and captioned it: "NIGERIA 🇳🇬 ALWAYS AND FOREVER".

He was so full of happiness and enthusiasm. Many Nigerians on Twitter in the comment section tried everything possible to make him see reason that Nigeria is not as good as he project it. Every bad comment they made, Linovin has something positive to reply with.

Some of my most favorite response from him was when someone said, 'wetin this one see for Nigeria I no know.' He replied: 'Brighter future for me and you'. Another one used 'f' word for the country, he responded 'God bless Nigeria'.

In fact, all his responses were so mature and it showed pure patriotism for the Nation that birthed one of his parent. Someone referred to him as Fulani, he said no, he is Igbo, that means one of his parent is from Eastern Nigeria. This is amazing to see from this young man and I hope it serve as an example to the youth. I mean, holding unto the belief that our dear Nation will be great and strong again.