Top Kenyan Celebrities Who Were Alleged To Be Members Of Illuminati

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To be successful in Kenya, one has to add up something extra to his efforts. Some people have put determination and belief in one's ability to succeed while others have sought to some secret ways to succeed.

One of the ways in which some believe that it can make one prosperous is by joining a secret group called Illuminati.

Some of Kenyan celebrities have been linked to Illuminati and their source of wealth has been associated so much with this dark sect.

Some have confessed that they are members of Illuminati while others have said nothing about it. What remains is the rumors that they could be members of this secret organization.

These celebrities who are thought of being members of Illuminati include some musicians and other celebrities in Kenya.

These celebrities include;

1. Magix Enga

Magix Enga is one of the most famous producers in Kenya currently.

Speaking The Star, Magix Enga said he got rich at 24 after joining the Illuminati but lost all his wealth after he gave his life to Christ.

He also revealed about joining the Illuminati during an interview with YouTuber Ali.

Magix said he joined the Illuminati because he was broke. He was recruited by a white lady he met at a shopping mall in Nairobi.

He said, "The white lady knew me and she told me, ‘you are a dope producer you can sing’. She told me she could link me up with successful musicians who have gone through her to be successful,"

According to The Star Magix Enga said that after joining Illuminati, he bought four more cars and his studio became very busy. Later ,after embracing prayers, he lost everything and he was involved in an accident on Thika Road.

2. DJ Crème De la Crème

Rumours broke out about Kenyan DJ Crème De la Crème being a member of illuminati after a young Kenyan yearning for success messaged him asking for a link to the secret sect.

The WhatsApp message read, “Bro can you link me with the Illuminati brotherhood?”

According to a screenshot posted by the Dj, he received the plea on 16th March .

Responding to this individual, Dj Crème wrote this text “Breaks my heart sometimes when I get such texts. Forget about this Illuminati hoax".

Crème further urged the young to instead seek God and work hard every day to succeed.

3. Akothee

Esther Akoth, better known as Akothee, is a Kenyan musician and businesswoman.

She is the founder of Akothee Safaris, a tour company based in Kenya, the Akothee Foundation, a charity, and Aknotela and Akothee Homes, a real estate business.

Claim about Akothee being a member of Illuminati came out after she revealed that some of her relatives accused her of being a member of this sect.

These accusations saddened Akothee so much such that she could not hide the burning coals under garment any longer. She spoke and expressed her feeling.

Above named, are the celebrities who are prosperous and their success is thought by some people to be from Illuminati.

However, those are just opinions of people. Absolute truth could be found when they themselves speak about the same issue.

As for you, do you believe that one has to join Illuminati for him to be successful? Do you believe that hard work and prayers alone can see you through to success?

It is good for a person to believe in his ability and work hard to achieve his dreams. In saying this, avoiding shortcut to get riches is the best option because shortcuts are always long cuts.

Instead of joining some dark sects to get riches, you should seek God and believe in him for he is the giver of true riches.

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