Excitement as UEFA Champions Leagues and EUROPA set to conclude by August

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 UEFA president Aleksander Cerefin has said the body has plans to conclude the UEFA Champions league and European league by August.

Football actions were postponed indefinitely due to the outbreak of the corona virus, and since then most football leagues are yet to re-open. But major leagues have set a planned date to continue the person.

According to reports, Cerefin stated that the UEFA Champions League and Europa League would be concluded by August.

Aleksander Cerefin stated that there is yet to be a confirmed date for the resumption of the competitions, and the football body expects most leagues to conclude their current season before the competition can continue.

Only Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint Germain has qualified for the quarter final from the round of 16 in the Champions League, other teams in the round of sixteen are yet to play their matches. Europa League on the other hand are yet the complete their round of sixteen.

With all things being in favour of the football governing body, the Champions league and Europa league competition would be concluded by August.

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