What fans are saying after Peter Okoye of Psquare shared photos of his car garage


Heavenly Father! Please bless everyone more than the way you have blessed me.πŸ™πŸ½ Amen.



Boss I’m actually living opposite ur house !! Can I come and greet u tomorrow??


Pls bless me humanly sir πŸ™I'm a private school teacher without salary since April.. this was my last salary paid sir πŸ˜₯


Stingy man. Help the hood we are lacking


Chairman, intensify on your hustle so you won't be able to recognize a stingy man.


Is because you are a stingy man that's why you are siding a stingy man too. Practice what you preach show love πŸ’―


Sir.establish a saloon for me please..

God bless u more


Bet wait first... what are you doing with all these cars biko?

Baba use them do giveaway naa haba!


I tell you ooo.. This life no balance at all

Ordinary bicycle, ano get πŸ˜‘


Sir it's good to always thank God for ones blessings but dangerous to advertise it on social media. I wondered if you know that you're endangering yourself and your loved ones with this kind of post. God protects but we must do our part first to protect ourselves.


Pls the good people of the world,stand up and have mercy on me,i am jobless since the dead of my biological father and my biological mother..

Since then No job,No food, No Money. I am begging the NGO, the Man of God and our politician to stand and help me.I really need job


Baba please bless me as well from the small that God as blessed you sir


Wow, I say a big Amen to your prayer. That's a really thoughtful prayer point. #TheProdigalAlbum will be a massive sell out IJN. One good prayer point deserves another

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