Ringo: Julia signs Deal with Diego


Brenda is on a shopping spree for her unborn child. She is at the mall buying a baby coat, she makes her choice and gives out her cards for payment they are all declined. She calls Diego to find out what is happening and why her cards are being declined, he explains that the company is undergoing some financial challenges and they have to be prudent in their spending.

Deigo is still on a plan to make Garay brewery his own. He is planning a company take over. He declares that the company is undergoing financial challenges and it needs to be bailed out otherwise it is set to go down. The will has just been read out and Julia is the chief executive administrator of the company this comes as a surprise to Diego because he expected Ivan to appoint him the company executive administrator since he is currently the general manager.

Deigo approaches Julia with documents she has to sign to save her father's company. She wants to understand the situation but Diego explains that it was something that had been agreed upon with the father before his death. She feels obligated and ends up signing the contract.

Deigo has a master plan and wants to steal the Garay brewery presidency from Julia. His grand plan has just rolled out to ensure he gets full control after his previous plan failed when Ivan left control of the company to Julia.His next target is Brenda

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