Kisumu Governor Blocks Politicians From Campaigning in CBD and Its Environs

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Kisumu Governor honorable Anyang Nyongo has blocked politicians from campaigning in town's CBD and its environs.

In a statement issued through his government, politics should not be happening in the CBD of Kisumu town and the environ.

According to the statement, it agrees that politics has been happening in the CBD of Kisumu and its environs leading to the destruction of properties after political gatherings.

The notice issued is set to take place immediately upon its release where the violators of the law will be apprehended to face legal actions.

According to the same statement released by Governor Nyongo, no politician will be allowed to step into the Central Business District or its environs to hold political gatherings citing that they have witnessed a lot of loss from the destructions.

However, the county set a place outside the CBD where politicians will hold their gatherings.

Meabwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly.

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