(Photos) Ndegwa Njiru, the Lawyer Kirinyaga County hired to represent them in Waiguru's impeachment


Ndegwa Njiru has hit the limelight, after representing the Kirinyaga County Asembly in the impeachment process against Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru. Ndegwa is a kikuyu word which means A Bull.

His prowess and eloquent has actually led to many speculating that he might be the next James Orengo or the Nelson Havi of the future.

Little is known about Ndegwa who has been interrogating Anne Waiguru's witnesses and shattering evidence presented by Waiguru's lawyer including her husband Kamotho Waiganjo.

The photo above shows Ndegwa Njiru campaigning for Martha Karua.

Majority of the people do not know that Ndegwa was a strong supporter of Martha Karua in the 2017. This is clearly shown in his Facebook posts. His Facebook account is at Ndegwa Njiru. A video of him in a green shirt and Martha Karua during the campaign period in Kirinyaga County is a clearly indicator that he is a Martha Karua supporter and probably the reason why he strongly wants to ensure Waiguru is ousted.

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