3 enemies of life that hinder success.

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Right from time immemorial, mankind have always been encountering many challenges in life which most times lead to the absence of success. But success was naturally extended to humanity right from creation by God. However, there are spiritual and physical forces that batter success in one's life.

It is quite unfortunate that many people have been the architect of their unsuccessful dealings on earth because of their poor character and lifestyle. But one can recuperate back to success if one can boldly deal with these 3 enemies of life that hinders success.

They are as follows:

1. Envy: most people become unsuccessful because they were busy focusing on other people's wealth than working hard on themselves to be successful. This envy makes them to so much concentrate on others and hence deprive themselves of their mental focus of developing themselves. Envy denies such people access to discovering their inner potentials. Anyone that is filled with envy can never invent new ideas about himself/herself but can give account and history of others.

2. Ego: this is a very great enemy of life that hinders success by deteriorating growth and development of one. Ego never allows one to learn and accept new ideas and strategies from other people on how to develop oneself and to attain to success.

3. Hatred: this prevents one from becoming a better person because it blindfolds one from seeing goodness in other people's life. Hatred denies one the privilege and pleasure to a better living and luxurious life.

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