Reprieve to Teachers & Students From 8000 Schools Countrywide As Ministry Announces Internet Targets

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The teachers are doing everything possible to ensure that they complete the syllabus on time before the candidates sit for their national examinations in March this year.The Ministry of Education through CS Magoha has already confirmed that the exams are ready and will be fair to the candidates.He has urged the candidates to have courage.

The new CBC curriculum has been a challenge to teachers as far as the full implementation is concerned.Currently,the implementation process is in grade five.In January next year,the first lot of Junior secondary schools students will be admitted.The teachers have been crying foul of the teaching and learning resources in schools.For instance,apart from the usual textbooks,the teachers need internet connectivities since majority of the lessons have internet references.

It is now a reprieve for the teachers and learners in the new Government's plans to connect 8000 schools with internet before the end of this year.The teachers who have been depending on their money for data bundles in the CBC lessons and trainings and the in the research such us reading the online TPD modules will definitely be greatly reprieved.

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