Beware of what exactly the internet has done to us


Internet has come to stay. For thousands of people using the internet daily, it is a great blessing to them. Of course through internet;

* we can send very important mails to people,

* we can find our way through town;

* we can shop online and have our items delivered to us;

* we can study online and get great certificates;

* we can host virtual conference meetings, etc.

But then, it appears we are not seeing what is on the other hand of this essential too, where by personal and interpersonal lives are been affect negatively. Below are some obvious but unspoken truths about the internet we use today.

Addiction is the ultimate.

We have become slaves!

We now hear the tweeting sound of digital birds?

We have time for people we don't know physically and yet we're breaking up with love ones we have physically

Who cares about the next generation? Tell me!!!

I'mma post part 2 soon. Until then lemme know what you think in the comment below.


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