Powerful Prayer For Blessing God For His Goodness And Mercy


I bless you Lord for you are good and merciful you are beyond human understanding. Your goodness cannot be compared with anything.Your are the same yesterday, today and forever

I bless and uplift you now and forever more . You are going to level every mountain.The mountain of sickness and diseases.Your presences are going to go ahead of me

I bless you for the power and authority, You have given me power to destroy the Powers of darkness and to plant the Powers of the lord. No weapon directed to me is going to prosper because everything is under your power.You raise the poor and seat them with kings. You Oppose the proud and bring them to nothing.

I bless your name because you are a righteous judge.You repay according to ones deeds.You cannot withhold a reward or fail to honour because you are just God.

.l bless you for you have supplied my needs according to your riches in glory, your blessings add no sorrow in our lives.You are a good Shepherd you led me into green pastures.You watch over us day and night.You never sleep nor slumber.May your name be blessed Amen.

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