Important: Parts of Our Body We Should Refrain From Touching

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The sickness rate in our society is increasing due to ignorance of health issues. Touching different parts of the body with your hands is something most people do, but it's not healthy. The effects of this habit are numerous, but most people are unaware. Research has given some of these effects and the reasons people should avoid this habit. If you want to live a healthy life, I recommend that you read this article carefully.

As we go about our daily activities in different places, we stroke things like chairs, money, tables, people, etc. and we all get bacteria from all of these places. If we use the same hands-on sensitive parts of the body, these germs can spread and cause us damage. Some of the parts of our body that we should avoid touching with our hands are

1. Your butt.

This is a part of your body that you shouldn't put your hands on. The anus contains bacteria because it is the tube through which undigested food passes. These bacteria can be toxic, so always wash your hands. Hands after using the toilet. Avoid scratching it with excess toilet paper as this path is very delicate and can injure you. Even if this part of your body itches, never insert your hands there.

2. Your eyes.

The eyes are so important to our wellbeing and we need to take care of them. Many like this, but it's wrong. The eyes are subtle, moist, smooth and contain liquid substances that make them susceptible to the ingestion of germs. Never touch your eyes with your bare hands. You can wash it in cold, clean water or use a clean tissue if it stings. Bacterial infections easily affect the eye, so taking care of the eyes should be your prerogative.

3. The skin under the nails.

This habit is very common but must be avoided to lead a healthy life. Never use your hands to pick up dirt that has gathered under your fingers. There are a lot of germs out there and if you remove them these germs will stay on your hands. In doing so, you may even press them down with your nails, or stick cuts or wounds on your skin, causing trouble. The habit of cutting your nails with your teeth isn't healthy either, so avoid it.

4. Your ear canal.

The ear needs a lot of care because it is sensitive. This thin layer that surrounds your outer ear is easy to break open with your fingers as it is very delicate, so it is necessary to remove the dirt from there with your hands. It's not healthy. If you are itchy, you can gently use a cotton swab and gently scrape it to avoid complications, just make sure to keep your ear healthy at all times.

5. Our Face. 

The face is delicate and very prone to infection, so you should do everything possible to keep it healthy, the flesh that covers the face is very tender and tender compared to other parts of the body. Because of this, infections can affect your face with ease. So avoid touching your face with your hands as the germs you pick up from elsewhere will be transferred to your face even if you have to use a clean handkerchief.

6. Your mouth.

The mouth is like a path to your body, so everything that goes through it comes into your body. Have you ever put your hands in ShareThis This is sure to leave germs in the mouth. This act can cause various infections, so avoid them. Be careful not to accidentally put things like a pen, book, pencil, and other things into your mouth. Everyone should follow the advice in this article because this is very important.

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