Can You Beat This One Year Old Girl When It Comes To Fashion?


The rate at which some mothers or rather parents beautify their kids these days is really amazing. Scrolling through the pages of Instagram, you will be seeing so many little kids who dress to kill. You will be stunned by their fashion style, their pose and their beauty that you will be stuck on their page staring at them.

We live in a generation where every thing is controlled by technology, which has changed the world a lot. In the former generation, parents do not even allow their children to own a phone or to look at one. But these days, you will be amazed at how even one year old kids are already on Instagram, handled by their parents, with thousands of followers. 

These kids could grow up to become brand influencers, promoters it even models on Instagram. Parents this days make easy ways by creating Instagram account for their kids before they grow up to use it efficiently. This can only lead to the fame of the child sooner than later.

So guys, I came across a page on Instagram. This page is owned by a one year old girl. Lailanni is a one year old cute princess who dresses to kill in almost all her pictures in Instagram and I could not stop starting at her. Take a look at some of her breathing taking pictures: