Opinion: The Attack On Kaduna-Abuja Train And The need For FG To Proscribe Bandits As Terrorists

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The constant attack from bandits in many regions of the country has continued to be the subject of attention for everyone, and this is because of the lives and properties which could be lost in the hands of these criminals.

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Despite the kidnappings and other theft perpetrated by these bandits, these sets of people decided to change the course of their attack where, according to a verified publication, they blew up rail tracks on the Kaduna-Abuja train, thereby putting the lives of many people at risk, including high-profile people.

Such damage to the rail tracks could not only have resulted into a huge catastrophe to all the passengers that were on board, but could also affect the railway means of transport system in the nation.

With such recent action from these bandits, it will not be wrong for the federal government of Nigeria to see the need for them to be proscribed as terrorists as such an act only heightens the extent of which they can wreak havoc in the country.

Photo Credit: BBC News Pidgin (A Section Of The Damage On The Train)

The masses may begin to express fear over such a gruesome attack, considering the fact that other attacks aimed at destroying lives and properties have intensified over the past few months throughout the nation.

These armed bandits must be taught a lesson not only because justice must be served, but to ensure that such acts like this do not occur again for the safety of the people, and the entire nation.

If these bandits are proscribed as terrorists, the full weight and effort from not only the Nigerian military but other security bodies from various countries will be directed towards them to ensure they are eliminated quicker than anticipated.

Such a condemnable act should never be supported by anyone and requires the government to make more decisive actions towards ensuring the immediate need for peace to take effect.

Photo Credit: Punch News (Shehu Sani & Others Inside The Train)

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