Opinion: What It Means When a Lady Tells You She Will Think About It

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When a guy approaches a female and asks if he can take her out, the most common response is, "I'll think about it." I'm sure most of you who are reading this have received this remark at least once. After receiving this response, one thing frequently crosses our minds: what possibly be on her mind?

This sentence is interpreted by most men as an indication that the lady is not interested in them. Others see it as a sign of hope that they would be able to prove themselves to the lady in order to receive the opportunity they desire. When a woman says these words to you, pay attention to how she says them.

First, take note of her tone. There is hope if it is joyful. Most women don't want to be labeled as cheap if they answer yes to your proposal too quickly. That's why they play hard to get by stating you should think about it so you can try harder.

Another reason women use this remark is to avoid hurting your feelings. Instead of saying no outright, she simply says she'll think about it. Even though you know you have no chance of gaining her, this offers you some optimism.

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