Female football found to be a homosexuality agenda - opinion


Reverend Thomas Malthus, was an English economist and demographer. He propounded a theory that population growth will always tend to outrun the food supply and that betterment of humankind is impossible without strict limits on reproduction. This, in his view was a warning to mankind to start finding ways and means to double food production in anticipation to a population bloom that may overwhelm the world.

Since the theory was made known to world leaders, efforts have truly and actively been made to work avert the possible doom. Unfortunately, most of the efforts have been geared towards population reduction and retardation. There has been initiatives, advocacies and many others like gender equality, women in leadership and others which even though presented as a way to make the lives of women better; the ulterior motive is to actually get them busy enough not to get time for child bearing.

Women football in my opinion is no exception from these numerous initiatives geared towards reducing population in the world. We are all aware that human reproduction is mainly centered on women in this world. Home management and child upbringing is also hugely dependent on them. But consider this, there are naturally some occupation that if a woman does; she automatically does not get the luxury of getting pregnant too much.

Football (Soccer) is an agreeably masculine activity and therefore any woman that takes part in it at a point in time feels a little bit masculine if not fully. It is also an activity that may be a little bit hard to return to should one get pregnant or even after delivery. Therefore, I hypothesize that the originators of the idea wanted to rid a lot of women as possible of their femineity and make them feel like they should not give birth. Now, since the football will make them feel more masculine, then the edge to man another woman as if they are men will rise. As it is public knowledge, homosexuality has been supported and championed by the super powers because they have discovered its potentiality to retard population growth. Besides the probability of a woman who feels masculine to turn away from men and go into lesbianism is high. Hence the agenda to push and promote women in football.

You can refer to this article to see how many top women in football are lesbians.

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