8 Unusual Dogs You Need To See(Photos)

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Dogs are man's best friend, and that's common knowledge, so we are not surprised when we see dogs on the street. But hold that thought for a moment because we are about to show you some of the most unusual and rare dogs you'll ever see. Just go through this article till the end to find out some of the most unusual dogs from around the world.

1. Hercules

According to the book of Guinness world record, the biggest dog happens to be the English mastiff by the name Hercules. This dog weighs about 128kilo and his neck is freakishly massive. Looking at the dog, you'll see that it's insane how brutal it looks, and despite his super large size, Hercules is not the tallest dog in the world.

2. Gibson (Tallest Dog In The World)

The dog lived in California and happens to be recognized by the Guinness world record as the tallest dog as of 2004. Measured up to 107 tall, Gibson is incredible, though he looks like a monster dog that's far from the truth because he was very kind and tender. Unfortunately, the dog died on the 7th of August, 2009.

3. Toudi (Smallest Dog)

Small dogs are kind of common these days, and many people are usually afraid to stump on them. Though they are cute, this little guy by the name of Toudi, who lives in Holland broke all cuteness records. When he was only four months old, his height was just 6cm, and weigh about 300g which is a lot less than usual Chihuahua.

4. Magi (Oldest Dog)

Magi was the oldest Australian cattle dog who died in 2016 at the age of 34, which is about two hundred years if we count in human years. Unfortunately, the owner lost his dog's birth certificate, but after a thorough examination, the age was confirmed, as he was an active dog till his last day.

5. Jesse (Cleverest Dog)

According to the book of Guinness world record, Jesse is the cleverest dog in the world. Jesse is a Jack Russell Terrier who helps a lot with the cleaning by running the vacuum cleaner and washing chores. Jesse knows how to do shopping, how to open doors, and even get the mails, though he has his own YouTube channel by the way, and who knows maybe he was the one adding his videos.

6. Tibetan Mastiff (World's Expensive Breed)

This dog is a very beautiful and rare breed that kinda looks like a bear rather than a dog. Reportedly, the most expensive to get mastiff is a guy by the name of Hong Kong, a Chinese millionaire who bought the dog for $1,500,000 when the dog was only eleven months old. However, not only Tibetan is a rare breed but he has a very distinctive and unique color(the color that makes him unbelievably expensive).

7. Saluki Dogs(Hunting Dogs)

The Saluki dogs are hunting dogs that are unbelievably fast, loyal and gracious, and are quite shy. These greyhounds breed look kinda strange, as they look like a big version of a rat, and because of their proportions, they are incredibly fast. Though they may seem a little stiff, they are very kind and love to cuddle.

8. Brussels Griffon Dogs

These are some of the rarest breeds of small dogs in the world, and almost none of them were left after the second world war. Back in the olden days, people used these dogs to catch rats and mice, as they are very cute and tender.


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