The Police Commissioner who jumped out of a crashing helicopter and survived


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I know most of you out there have probably not heard this story before, this is a true story of how a former Police Commissioner jumped out of a crashing police helicopter and miraculously survived.

Some few years back, 2009 to be precise. A group of people on an assignment in Kenya were traveling in a police helicopter but their journey was cut short due to a mechanical fault which engulfed the helicopter they were traveling with.

The then former Commissioner of the Kenyan Police Service Major General Mohammed Hussein Ali (2004 - 2009) was also a passenger on that helicopter.

During the journey, the helicopter lost power in the air and plunged into a field in a town called Kapsabet. However, before the helicopter crash landed, the former Major General boldly cracked a window and jumped out of the helicopter without a second thought and miraculously, he survived.

Here's an account of one journalist Yassin Juma who was also on that chopper that faithful day.