Public servants to get 1.5 percent by midnight tonight, the waiting is finally over

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A large number of local officials have been standing by quietly for the guaranteed 1,5 percent pensionable compensation increment. After an arrangement on compensation was struck, a piece of that arrangement incorporated an increment of 1,5 percent beginning from the first of July 2021.

Local officials were intended to get the guaranteed increment before the finish of November, yet there was a slight deferral in the stacking of installments on the persal framework.

The PSA has made a few enquiries in regards to the installment and the DPSA has affirmed that the installment will be made by 12 PM around evening time others will get during the day on the second of December.

It has been an intense a few years for community workers who didn't get any compensation expansions in the year 2020 regardless of being guaranteed one according to the 2018 understanding.

The 1,5 percent frames part of the reward local officials are right now getting consistently until the following year March.


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