HAPPENING NOW: Another Grisly Accident Just Past Mlolongo Near Mombasa Cement

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There have been cases of accidents in the country and entire world over a long period of time.It is so sad for one to loose his or her soul due to some avoidable scenarios.Today from the latest report,it was revealed that a serious and Grisly accidents has just happened just past Mlolongo Near Mombasa road but fatalities have not been recorded yet.

It is now high time all the road users to be much keen and careful while on the road to reduce these cases which are currently becoming rampant.It can be traced that from the last year's analysis,it was revealed that the cases of accidents were much higher and more as opposed to previous years.

Of much focus is the number of accidents that has already happened early this year,from the reports,there have been many cases this year which can directly show how the December analysis might be.The Kenyan government should ensure that they enact some strict rules to govern the road sectors.

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