Congratulations to Prince Kaybee and Zola Mhlongo

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Zola Mhlongo has been excelling at minding her business with no quarrels with anyone. Even in the most trying times she was the calmest human being to ever be put in such a shell, finding out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with another lady who even released an inappropriate picture of Prince Kaybee.

While Zola went back to her private life and continued life with her cheating hubby Prince Kaybee, Zola has just announced the birth of a baby by date stamping. And we just found out that when Prince Kaybee was cheating, she was already 4 months pregnant.

However, she also stamped the three m's which I believe are the initials of the baby which also end with an m for Mutsamayi, which is Prince Kaybee's surname.

That being Zola Mhlongo deserves and award for being the strongest women in 2021, for carrying a baby for a man who humiliated her, the anxiety it came with it and being pregnant at the same time.

Let's all congratulate Zola Mhlongo and welcome her to motherhood.

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