“Lord Save Us From These Two Men, Our Country Is Up In Flames”—Twitter User Cry Out

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A South African youth, and online media customer made a sketchy petition today by mentioning that God pass on South Africa and South Africans from president Cyril Ramaphosa and from the Acting Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo. The young person saw that numerous people are not even careful that the pair stay the most disturbing issues pointing toward the South Africans.

He made this on his Twitter handle this evening, on and on requesting of God for expedient response. He said, "Expert! We request from you… Save us from these two men, our Country is consuming ablaze". Various youths by means of electronic media are at least a couple of times attacking ACJ Raymond Zondo for being so close to president Cyril Ramaphosa, and for ceaselessly ensuring him in all ramifications. Certain people have even named him an administrator after he made a back and forth discussion yesterday to denounce the pastor of Tourism, Lindiwe Sisulu. They faulted him for meddling with strategy driven issues when he ought to be fair-minded.

A couple of others attacked the Acting Chief Justice, saying that he is doing everything that can possibly be reachable to satisfy president Cyril Ramaphosa so he can be chosen as the fundamental value of the Judiciary of the republic of South Africa. They lamented that Zondo had gradually enmeshed himself, and discovered his calling, in the overcast waters of administrative issues. Regardless, another Twitter customer uncovered the attestation, saying that president Cyril Ramaphosa and Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo are truly helping with redoing what was devastated by Jacob Zuma in the implied 9 wasted years. He added, "These two men are drawing in to douse the flares started by the trader of our country (and try on crushing the lawful chief)".

A lady moreover insulted Jacob Zuma and his enthusiasts and partners, saying, ""Mr Tony Gupta even said that the President sang "Umshini Wam" for them," Transnet's past manager Mafika Mkwanazi told Zondo Commission. Report, page 583. Tony Gupta said they met the President without fail".

source: https://twitter.com/tokollo2000/status/1481575617111937026?t=x-6wgHmAHmWiaaMe_UBZwQ&s=19

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