Sensitive: Police Officer assaulted Skeem Saam actress and tried to silence her with a 30k bribe

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The individuals from the South African Police Services for the most part cause problems, in some cases they end up being on some unacceptable side of the law, in some cases they hit the features while they are doing what they are employed to do, there is continually something that includes the cops that comes out and hit the features and this time around, Yeoville Police Station commander and his better half who works at Alexandra Police station have arrived on some unacceptable side of the law. 

Reports arising recommends that the skipper who's name has been withhled and his significant other showed up in court on Monday after they supposedly attacked a Skeem Saam entertainer while they blamed her for reviling them. 

It is affirmed that in the wake of attacking her, they proposed to give her R30 000 to be quiet and not Lay charges against them, yet she would not acknowledge the cash as she needed the law to follow through to its logical end. 

"Skeem Saam entertainer attacked by a cop over a supposed reviling occurrence, she was subsequently offered R30 000 pay off purportedly. The skipper from Yeoville police and his better half from Alex police have showed up in court," the Tweet peruses. 

On the photos getting out and about via online media, the lady shows how harmed she was after the attack, she shows where she was bleedi g on her head and hands, she had wounds on her hands also. 

It was not announced how the court went, yet Tweepa have begun a hastah where they are requesting equity enemy the harmed woman.and they feel this was one more instance of police fierceness that has occurred in the nation and it needs to reach a conclusion, the lady has not offered any expression at this point, it is not yet clear what her following stage wi be in such manner. 


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