Stivo Simple Boy Girlfriend Exposes Management For Exploiting Him

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The mihadarati hitmaker has been an online sensation since his song hit the airwaves and took the internet by storm.

He has always been private about his love life and many thought that he was single.

Nothing is a secret anymore nowadays because of how social media has changed the world. Celebrities are not an exemption and Stivo Simple boy has not managed to keep his love life a secret for long.

He revealed the face of his girlfriend Purity Vishenwa alias Pritty Vishy in a cute Tiktok video and she has been a public figure since then.

However, Pritty Vishy has revealed details on how Stivo Simple boy's management use the musician for their own benefit. She narrates that the management is responsible for all the funds and that Stivo is normally not in a position to use money how he wants.

He consults with the management before using his money. This is something that makes Pritty feel bad and according to her Stivo is a man and should act like one.

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