Reasons Why Many Relationships Don't Last Long These Days

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Love is a beautiful thing. It is always joyous to find someone with whom your heart clicks. But beyond those goofy feelings in the early stages of the relationship, many relationships nowadays do not usually progress after the talking stage. The following are reasons why many relationships don't last long these days:

1. No genuine affection:

Gone are the days when love was seen as what it is; love and nothing else. Nowadays, many people see relationships as an avenue to get something for something. This is why some men are chasing bodies while some women are chasing pockets. In this situation, it is virtually impossible for there to be genuine affection in that relationship. Before you know it, the feelings that brought them together fizzles out, and the relationship ends.

2. Lack of communication:

One thing that keeps the bond in a relationship strong, is good communication. Seeing each other every day does not mean you two communicate effectively. Good communication has to do with understanding each other. Understanding your wants, needs, desires for the relationship, among other things. When there is no good communication, it is difficult for the relationship to thrive.

3. Lack of goals for the relationship:

Every interaction must have something that pushes it forward. If you're in a relationship that is not defined, the chances of the relationship going astray are higher. This is because, you don't actually know if it's just for fun, or if you're heading for marriage. This is one of the problems affecting relationships of nowadays. People just assume things without properly asking questions. This is the major reason why many relationships don't last.

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