Panic Rocks Hillary Barchok's Camp After MCAs Dump Him For Rival


Panic has rocked Bomet governor's camp Hillary Barchok after several ward representatives from the county vowed to support his rival. 

The delegation of the representatives including those from the previous regime on Wednesday visited infrastructure CAS John Mosonik who is also running for the top seat through the UDA ticket. They promised to support him for the top seat and not their leader Dr.Barchok.Fight for the top seat in the county continues to intensify and the incumbent seems to be losing grip fast. Elected leaders from the region are distancing themselves from him. Some are backing the former governor Isaac Ruto as others throw weight behind John Mosonik. He is fighting two opponents making the journey slippery for him.

Speaking after the meeting the representatives said the incumbent had been accused of corruption in many cases, they also accused him of throwing under the bus the manifesto of his predecessor the late Joyce Laboso.

Reacting to the same, Barchok's supporters told them off vowing to teach them a lesson come to the 2022 general elections, they called them rejects who have no ground going forward.


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