50 Cent Weight Loss - The Reason Will Leave You Wondering

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The internet was amused when 50 Cent drops a picture of himself looking thin. He was starring in a film called "Thing Fall Apart " as a cancer patient. 50 Cent was doing this as a tribute to a friend who died of Cancer.

The photo was seen a day one of shooting the second half of "Things Fall Apart".

"I was losing so much fat and my manager informed me, You better get yourself medical attention!" I just didn't want to go because I had to match the look in my mind.

I was so much into what was doing that I wasn't really concerned with that. I just kept on looking myself in the mirror feeling like I have to be smaller. I had to match.

"I had so many muscles on me that it was really difficult for me to lose weight and slimmer, I began to run and suppressed my appetite. In the end, it was really hard. It was like if I don't get close enough to what my best friend looks like to me at that point he passed away, then I am not doing justice to the story" He said.

50 Cent Loss 50 plus 1b weight to pay tribute to his friend in a movie. Would you have done that if you were in his shoes?

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