How Ruto's safety was assured in kondele

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The Second in Command was ensured safety, right after goons tried to attack his motorcade on Wednesday, November 10, 2021.

Ruto's convoy was attacked by goons who threw stones to his motorcade. In his second last day in Nyanza Region, the Deputy President had been warned of his safety at Kondele, Kisumu county.

A moment after chaos erupted, four Toyota Land cruisers were deployed full of Police officers to calm down the situation.

Among leaders who accompanied William Ruto in Kondele was Migori Governor, Okoth Obado and several other UDA supporters and leaders.

After the incident, Ruto landed in Rongo, Migori county. The security officers were very strict on who confronted the Deputy President. Two men who run up to greet the famous leader, were manhandled by the strict security officers who ensured the Deputy Presidents safety.

Muranga's Senator, Irungu Khangata questioned the incident at Kondele on the eve of 10th November 2021,If that would continue when ODM rose into power.

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