Amazon Web Worker is Back


Amazon Webworker back in robbing poor kenyans.

It's just a few days when Kenyans were grieving over their lost money via Amazon web worker, even after the app had stolen and trended all over YouTube and other social media sites,the developers have found a new way to steal money.

The app are claiming to pay the investors their so called money which they lost with a condition of deposing the sum of ksh.1100,many people are so desparate of recovering their money and they end up having more losses and being scamed live again.when will Kenyans see that these apps are not legit apps and they are just ponzi schemes,many used loans to invest in this so called app and now they are paying for money that they didn't even use.

They say once bitten twice shy,but in this case its different,once a thief always a thief,so am urging people using this app to protect their money and invest their money in other useful investments.

Avoid invitations links to apps that needs you to deposit money,do your research before investing in apps like this,read reviews first before downloading earning apps and see the rate of the negative and choose wisely if to invest or not.