Damilola Mike-Bamiloye Shares Beautiful Pictures Of His Wife And Daughter From The Set of "Jailer"

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The Family of The Founder of Mount Zion Film Productions - Mike Bamiloye is a family so many people are proud of and really pray to have something similar, if not exactly, since every family is unique on its own. The Mike-Bamiloyes have always been a source of inspiration, through their movies, their family life, their marriages and in so many other ways.

The first born of the Mike-Bamiloyes - Damilola Mike-Bamiloye is just a carbon copy of his father. He is a Scriptwriter, Movie Producer and a Drama Minister. He is popularly known for his movies including; "Ignition", "Abattoir", his recent one being "Jailer".

He is married to Emmanuella Mike-Bamiloye (Nee Evbuoma). They got married in October 2018 in Ibadan and have been blessed with a beautiful daughter whom they named Gloria after Damilola's mother.

Damilola's recently took to Instagram to share beautiful pictures of his wife and his daughter when they came to support him on the set of his recent movie - 'Jailer'.

This is a really beautiful family.

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