Dear Men, No Matter What, Don't Reveal These 4 Secrets To Your Wife(Read More)


1. Never reveal your total bank balance to your wife: As a man no matter how you love your wife, never tell her how much you have in your bank account, because it can result to something else, because once she knows how much you have in your bank account and she ask you for money for feeding once you give it to her, she will start feeling it's not enough and from there you both can start having misunderstanding so its better to keep it off from her no matter how you love her. 

2. Never tell her about your previous sexual relationship: once you get married as a man never expose anything about your previous relationship, let your life like you have started a new life, because if you do she will always find it hard to believe you, so never tell her about your previous sexual believe me or not it will never end the way you expected it.

3. Never tell her the names of the girls you wanted to marry before you get married to her: some men once they are in love they start telling the woman everything about themselves. Even though you are in love, never tell your woman any of these things I just listed. 

4. Don't tell her about your family secrets: once she's your wife she has become a member of your family so you can end up telling her things and even secrets of your family, but not to someone you are not married to, so always keep family secrets a family secret no matter how you love that lady, marriage and family secrets should never be said in public or expose it to someone who isn't family.