Remove your wrecked or unloaded vehicles - FRSC to drivers


The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) a branch of the Anambra state government, has started clearing bad vehicles on state roads.

The director of the company, Andrew Kumapayi, made the remarks at a press conference.

He said the move came after they received an order from, the headquarters in Abuja to remove all wrecked vehicles from the road.

As he said it is a shame that such vehicles are on the road, so before those who own such vehicles should not be removed from the road or the FRSC should park such a vehicle.

He explained that such vehicles no longer deserve, the public eye they are even a disgrace.

Most of the time, such vehicles cause accidents on the road and take the lives of people, Our company will not tolerate such vehicles if we see them on the road.

Kumapayi further said that the company will conduct regular trainings for Maruwa cyclists, he added that the law relating to the Maruwa Wheel is still in place in the state.

He later praised, the state government for its efforts to train Maruwa drivers.


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