Funny moment as a Family was disappointed during a "fufu get together party".


Some things are very funny indeed. This is a moment a family wanted to have a get together party and had planned to make it a "fufu party".

During the preparation, a very huge amount of "fufu" was pounded and one of them was sent to the market to go and buy meat and other vegetables for the soup preparation. To their awful surprise, the fufu was ready in a very large quantity but the meat and other stuff never come.

When they attempted to call her to enquire about the whereabouts of the meat, her phone was switched off.

Up till now, they are still gathered there with a lot of frustrations written all over them with the four big bowls of fufu in front of them waiting for the meat and other veggies to come.

Don't laugh alone, tell us how you will feel if you are part of this big disappointment. Share to put a smile on other people's faces. Thank you for reading.


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