RIP, Family Reveals Details of Painful Videos and Photos Their Kin Who Died in Saudi Arabia Sent

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A family is in mourning after their 22 year old daughter in Saudi Arabia died days after sending them distressing videos and photos with wounds that were bleeding.

In the videos Celine Kanzu who went to Saudi Arabia optimistic that she would make her life better said that she was in hospital but had been neglected.

She died on 17th March but the family received her body on 4th July 2022. A report from Saudi Arabia indicated that she had died after suffering a stroke but a report from Kenya showed that she had a stab wound on her back and a cut on her mouth. One of her eyes had been gouged out thus creating suspicions that she might have been tortured to death.

The family is now crying out for justice from the government. In addition, they want Celine's personal items and unpaid salary to be given to them.

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