Most Successful Short Footballers Players In The World


When it comes to world of sports, height always comes in as a matter.

Famously, tall people will always have an upper hand in the sports but today, we are going to look at the players who defined the rule of height and bacame one of the most successful footballers in then world.

Lets begin with the best players in the World.

Lionel Messi.

When it comes to talents, Messi will always be the most gifted player in the world. Famously known as the little magician, Messi is shirt in statue but it does not stop his pregress in the game.

He has won Six Ballon D'ors, the most in the world. The Argentine has gone to prove that height doesn't really matter when it comes to talents.

Alexis Sanchez.

The Chilean foward who plays for Italian giants Inter Milan, is one of the most feared fowards, especially during his time at the Emirates stadium with Arsenal. He is also short in statue but does not stop him from playing the sports he loves.

N'golo Kante.

The French midfielder N'golo Kante is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world of football, despite his small height.

Kante has dominated a role that only tall players usually shine, but his work rate ais unbelievable.