Poultry farmers welcome government’s plan to industrialize Kumasi


The Greater Accra Poultry Farmers Association has praised government's arrangement to transform the Ashanti Region into the second mechanical city of Ghana.

The Association anyway trusts it can just profit by the move just with the foundation of businesses that depend on a portion of the items its individuals produce.

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In a meeting with Citi Business News, President of the Association, Michael Nyarko-Ampem, demonstrated that concentrating on the poultry area can help improve the country's joblessness circumstance.

"I generally say that poultry is one industry that you may not see as a tremendous business, however it is a gigantic one in light of the fact that around 60% of our labor force are ranchers. Presently when we produce the maize and soya where does it go? Poultry ranchers burn-through around 80% of the complete maize creation. So when you produce the maize and industry devours it and now on the off chance that you don't have an industry or individuals who might burn-through it then what occurs?"

He added that "you go to individuals who will stack this maize unto the trucks, they will pack it and burden it, it's an enormous number of individuals. The drivers move it and when they do, they devour fuel what not. At the point when they get to their objective as well, the stockroom individuals complete it. Presently the feed mill operators will come and factory the feed and that is another work directly out there."

Remarking on the different parts of potential work the area can make, he demonstrated that "The rancher would get it and create the eggs and produce the grill and individuals at the business sectors who sell these things are completely connected and afterward the eateries are continued running, the inns are continued running. So in the event that you take a gander at the worth chain, it is a long chain for the poultry business so it is an industry which when canned truly create a great deal of work and pay for the country".

The Trade and Industry Minister, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, during his screening before Parliament reported that the Free Zones Enclave in Kumasi will be transformed into Ghana's second mechanical city, after Tema.

The Minister had expressed that a public-private association was progressing towards building up the land procured by the Government at Ejisu for exercises in the modern city in light of the essential area of the Ashanti Region.

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