'SIO POA' Stivo Simple Boy Stuck In Poverty In Kayole Bedsitter As His Management Steal Millions

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Stivo Simple Boy is still wallowing in extreme poverty even though he makes a lot of money, his girlfriend blames management for exploiting him.

Speaking during an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve, Stivo’s girlfriend Purity Vishenwa narrated how the rapper is stuck in poverty.

Vishenwa said Stivo has been brainwashed by his management who are taking the bulk of the money he is making.

The rapper’s girlfriend revealed that the highest amount of money the management has ever paid Stivo after performing is ksh2,000.

She said Stivo is paid about Ksh50,000 per performance but the management always pays him pocket change.

Vishenwa lamented that the management has brainwashed Stivo that he do whatever he is instructed.

She said the management moved him to a bedsitter in Kayole so that he could be far away from ‘bad’ influence in Kibera, people who like Vishenwa who were trying to enlighten him about being exploited.

Vishenwa said the management tried hard to make Stivo Simple Boy break up with her because she has always fought for him to be paid more money to get him out of poverty.

Stivo’s girlfriend noted that the rapper’s biggest undoing is that he can easily be brainwashed by anyone.

What are your thoughts about this? Are you a fan of Simple Boy? Who can be blamed for this?

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