11 horror movies in 2021 that you will really like to watch

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1. The Conjuring : The Devil Made Me Do It

Short plot on ( The Conjuring : The Devil Made Me Do It ) : After a cop comes across a confused and bloodied young man wandering down the street, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren embark on one of the most spectacular cases of their careers. The Warrens are thrown into a supernatural investigation unlike any they've ever seen before when a murder suspect claims demonic possession as his defense.

2. Army Of The Dead

Short plot on (Army Of The Dead) : A automobile collides with a US military convoy on the highway outside of Las Vegas as it travels from Area 51. Before proceeding into the city, the convoy's cargo, a zombie, escapes and kills and infects a number of troops. They infect the majority of the people of the city. The government quarantines the city after a failed military intervention. Before the military launches a tactical nuclear assault on Las Vegas, casino magnate Bly Tanaka and his associate Martin contact former mercenary Scott Ward with a mission to collect $200 million from his casino vault.

3. A quiet place part II

Short plot on (A quiet place part II) : Following the tragic events at home, the Abbott family must now confront the dangers of the outer world while fighting for survival in silence. When they are forced to journey into the unknown, they rapidly learn that the monsters that hunt by sound are not the only dangers that await them beyond the sand path.

4. The Unholy

Short plot on (The Unholy) : After a claimed encounter from the Virgin Mary, a little girl mysteriously obtains the ability to heal the sick. A disgraced journalist comes the little New England town to investigate as word spreads and people flock to witness her miracles. When weird incidents begin to happen, he begins to question if they are the consequence of something more sinister.

5. The Forever Purge

6. The Seventh Day

Short plot on (The Seventh Day) : A new priest arrives for his first day of exorcism training with a well-known exorcist. As they descend deeper into earth's hell, the lines between good and evil become blurred, and their own demons emerge.

7. spiral

Short plot on (spiral) : Detective Ezekiel "Zeke" Banks and his rookie colleague take leadership of an investigation into horrible killings that are disturbingly evocative of the city's gruesome past, working in the shadow of his father. Zeke finds himself unwittingly entangled in a growing mystery and at the center of the killer's deadly game.

8. Come Play With Me

9. Gala

10. The Banishing

11. Come True

Short plot on (come true) : Sarah, who is 18 years old, is homeless and has severe sleeping problems. So she enrolls in this sleep study, which is led by Jeremy and a young woman named Anita and overseen by a man named Dr. Meyer. Sarah becomes increasingly concerned about continuing the study as Dr. Meyer's team remains secretive about the project's purpose and refuses to explain why they utilize the tactics they do. Especially now that Jeremy has become a bit of a creep, and Sarah is seeing these scary visions as she sleeps.

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