"I was born by a hustler. I am a hustler" - Chioma Chukwuka (Video)

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Chioma Chukwuka is a Nigerian actress, director and movie producer. In 2007, she won the Africa Movie Academy Award for "Best Actress in a leading role" for her performance in the movie "Sins of the flesh", and the Afro Hollywood award for best actress in a lead role in 2010 (Wikipedia). The actress has over the years shown that she will always remain dedicated to her talents.

Recently, the actress did a throwback to one of her movies in 2017 where she was carrying baskets of tomatoes on her head. In the video which she shared on her verified Instagram page, she captioned:

"I was born by a hustler. I am a hustler. I came across this video I shot in 2017. It shows I am true Hustler..."

She went on using Pidgin English to say that she is not ashamed of her craft. She said that she can get dirty to make sure things are done, provided she gets paid for what she's doing.

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This is something every young person should learn from. When you find a viable and genuinely profitable job to do, do it well. There is no need to be ashamed of your craft.

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