Kuami Eugene blasts those who commented on the dressing he used to receive the car gift [Video]


Not long ago, Ghanaian fast rising highlife singer Kuami Eugene received a brand new range rover from Dr. Kweku Oteng, CEO of Angel group of companies. This became a talk of town in Ghana for that kind gesture of the millionaire business mogul. There is one thing that Kuami Eugene wouldn't have skipped and that is the criticisms of Ghanaians.

People begun to comment on the kind of dressing he used to collect the gift. Some were saying he actually missed out with the whole thing for wearing a black shirt on black jeans with a black boot. It was different thing altogether as they tagged him as someone who lack a good sense of fashion.

Kuami Eugene on the other hand has replied to those comments directed to him. According to him, he see nothing wrong with what he wore and it is very shallow and light headed for people to think he has to wear a specific attire to collect his gift. He also said it is normal for people to badmouth against him because it happens to every great person. He cited example of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Akufo Addo, the late Jerry Rawlings and other great people. He said it is every great person that people talk about so he sees himself as a great person.

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