3 Farming Methods That Can Improve Crop Yield Without The Use Of Fertilizer


The majority of farmers in rural areas lack access to fertilizers, and those who do have access to them lack the financial means to purchase them. However, because some farmers do not have access to these fertilizers, they can increase their crop yield by using different farming methods. These farming methods refer to the farming patterns that are used on the farm to ensure that crops grow properly.

If these farming methods are used correctly, they can significantly increase farmer crop yields. Although there are many different farming methods, I will show you three of them in this article that can help you increase crop yield without using fertilizers.

Farming in a variety of ways

Crops and livestock are raised on the same piece of land in mixed farming. Because the animal droppings act as a source of nutrients for the planted crops, this farming system is very effective in increasing crop yield. However, the crops that can be grown under this system are those that cannot be eaten by the animals that will be raised on the property.

2. Cultivation changes

Shifting cultivation entails abandoning a plot of land for a period of time. To carry out his crop production, a farmer must leave a specific piece of land and travel to another. If there is plenty of land in the area where the farmer is, he may not return to the land he left, but if there isn't enough, he can return to the land after it has been fully fallowed and reclaimed its nutrients.

Rotate your crops.

Crop rotation refers to the practice of planting crops in a specific order on a plot of land. Crop rotation allows a piece of land to be used for four different crops in a row. Crop rotation increases the yield of farm crops by maximizing the nutrients available in the soil. Farmers will have a higher crop yield if crop rotation principles are strictly followed.

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