How to Make a Woman So Crazy for You (Say This Today)


How to make a woman so crazy for you (Say this today).

Hey, we are back with more information concerning relationship. A lot of guys are really trying and working so hard to make sure they get the woman by their side.

This alone has made ladies feel so special and that is why nowadays, dating is becoming even more difficult to understand.

Women have developed a mentality that they are the best and the guys are so in need of them. See, as long as you still treat a woman with much care, with it in mind that you don't want to lose her, then you are definitely going to lose her.

Women are always difficult to understand, you never know what she has in mind. A woman might tell you something which is far much from what is the truth.

That is why we are always stressing that you should never believe what a woman say but believe her actions.

Most guys are not ready to lose their women and that's why you will find out that, a guy is ready to do anything because he doesn't want to let go of her.

Listen, if at all a woman wants to leave, you can never stop her because she had created it in her mind. She already made that mindset.

Again, if a lady can not respect you or respect what you are doing, that lady cannot love you. She will instead, take you for granted, something that a man should not get from a woman. It is advisable that you let her go when she cannot respect you.

The mistake most guys make is to keep hunting after a woman who is not even interested in them.

Learn to walk away when things are not right or when you realize she is not ready to respect you by any means.

Know this, if you let her know that she doesn't matter so much in your life, then she will begin to respect you.

And when she respects you, she will start being interested in you and that is how women's attraction works.

In that case, if you want a woman to be so crazy for you, then you should be able to tell her this.

Let's say you two have disagreed on something and now it's like she wants you to apologise for you being right.

What to tell her is just simple, tell her this, "If you are not happy, the door is opened for you to leave..." It's that simple.

What will happen is this, she may tend to act as if she is leaving just to see your reaction but let her know, you mean what you say.

When a woman is not happy in a relationship, she tends to change her moods on petty issues.

She becomes sad when you tell her something, just tell her that one sentence and watch what will happen.The truth with women is, when you show much concern about her life.

Or when your aim is always ensuring that you have her by your side, then she can do anything including disrespecting you because she knows you need her.

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