Kwaito is doing a good job on this role of being a teacher but Thobakgale disagrees

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Marothi started a literacy program to help primary school learners improve on their literature. Thobakgale begged Marothi to include Turf high grade 8 learners because most of them did not know how to read especially Phoshoko. Marothi agreed to work with them and told them that Zamokuhle will be the face of the program since he once published a book.

Principal Thobakgale was not happy at all to work with Zamokuhle because of personal reasons, he broke her daughter's heart. As time went by the grade 8 learners started to improve and were able to read better than when the program was not implemented. Evelyn is usually the one who works hand in hand with Zamokuhle but she was admitted in hospital so he had to handle the learners alone.

The learners love him because he is approachable and he makes teaching fun. Paxton even pointed out that what if him being there was a sign for him that he must become a teacher at Turf high. Thobakgale was eavesdropping and was not happy because he does not like Zamokuhle at all and he judges him for not being an engineer like her daughter who is a doctor.


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