Ghanaians react massively after #JohnMahamaBuilt trends on social media


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Infrastructure development is one of the most important 'resources' a country can boast of.

That is why #JohnMahamaBuilt has been trending on Twitter since morning. Some users on the platform have been posting pictures of the infrastructure projects built by the former president as evidence, on how massive Mahama contributed to our infrastructure development compared to Akufo Addo's infrastructural achievements.

So far, there have been over 4500 posts on this trend and this has already sparked massive debate on the social media platform.

This trend has caused massive stir on the platform due to the 'gigantic' reactions it has drawn.

Below are some screenshots from the trend to confirm the authenticity of this article

Ghana cannot develop without proper infrastructure development so in my opinion, this debate or trend is good because it strengthens our democracy.

Secondly, it sends a message to the government that Ghanaians will always appreciate you if you do something good towards the development of this country.

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