13 Latest Kenyan Hairstyles For Women

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Below is a list of latest kenyan hairstyles for women.

1. Undercuts

If you need a style that won’t take much of your time and money, go for an undercut. It is a style that you can wear with any hairstyle you choose.

2. Favor Line Twists

They are styled beginning with pencil lines and woven into interlace at the midway so that the back is mesh-plated and the front is pencil-styled. This hairstyle is gorgeous and is even being loved by most red-carpet regulars.

3. Bob braids

This Kenyan hairstyle has become so popular in Kenya in such a way that if you are walking through the streets of Nairobi, you will not miss seeing one or two ladies with this beautiful bob.

4. Box braids

This Kenyan hairstyle is artistically styled with hair segments plated to form a container shaped braid, and your beauty is all set. The container divides remarkably reveal when someone takes a glance at your head.

5. Mohawk

Sometimes you would like to have your meshes fixed because you don’t want to hold them or let them loose. Well, this is the right time you should try a mohawk.

6. Neat Badika Lines

Hairstylists have become more innovative than before. Someone just coined a different way to style straightforward plait lines that look better and can last for a long time.

To achieve this look, clean lines are plaited with your hair, and then the badika lines are incorporated on the top such a way that no difference can be noted. Most Kenyan ladies are finding this hairstyle classy and irresistible.

7. Lace Wigs

Lace wigs have become so popular in Kenya for their easy styling and slaying nature. They can be tailored to any length and color.

8. Perfect cornrows

They are medium sized lines that are styled into a pigtail with prolonged closures that touch the midsection. The good news is that they are not bulky, so the augmentations at the back can be twisted. One looks so chic and stunning in this Kenyan hairstyle.

9. Ghanaian Lines

Another classic hairstyle for Kenyan women that has been trending for the past one year now. It is styled to the back. If you want, you can have them short or expanded at the back.

At the origin, they decrease and increase in measure as they approach the end. They are usually styled at the front before finishing them at the back.

10. Sleek and Serious

When we talk of styling, this is one among many hairstyles for Kenyan ladies that will not take much of your time in styling. Just two cornrows tucked into a bun at the back and your beauty is all set.

11. Bantu Knots

Do you want that natural and lovely look every morning you report for work? Then you should try Bantu knots. They are effortless to style, so the need for the stylist is ruled out. It is one of the most preferred hairstyles by Kenyan ladies that will keep your hair natural and well moisturized.

12. Afro

This is one Kenyan haircut that will never fail you. Ask the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, and they will tell you the same story. The natural hairstyle reveals that chic, principled and true Kenyan queen.

13. Havana twists

This admirable hairstyle for Kenyan women is achieved by creating the twists using two strands. If you prefer fuller twists, you can apply subtle tension. However, if you want the twists thinner, you can tighten them.

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