UDA Secretary General Veronica And Chairman Muthama Reveal What They'll Do To Jacaranda Destructors

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United Democratic Alliance party management is now trying everything to ensure those behind Jacaranda chaos are brought to book. This happens as the Party Secretary General Veronica Maina and Party Chairman, Johnson Muthama have forced to reach out to IG Mutyambai to sort the issue. The two party leaders recalled that this is not the first time their rally is being destructed.

The two complained that the government has always been making moves to disturb the party in most of their campaigns. They have asked IG Mutyambai to investigate the matter and update them on the progress.

" The party will bewriting to the IG to know the progress of investigations on these unfortunate incidents," said Ms Veronica Maina.

As this happens, there were allegations that Raila Odinga was to be blamed for what happened after it was revealed that the youths were sent by DP Ruto's opponents. Muthama has asked Kenyans to be very keen when electing the next president.

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