Kalonzo, Mudavadi Could Find Themselves Locked Out if they Do Not Join Raila or Ruto Camp Now


Kalonzo and Mudavadi have been bragging of how they cannot join hands with William Ruto or Raila Odinga. Unfortunately this two leaders fail to understand that most likely the government of 2022 will be formed by either of the two whom they despite so much.

It's a fact that if the two leaders do not align themselves well politically, they might find themselves again in the cold. It's clear William Ruto and Raila are all seeking for a running mate. If they don't up their game they could be left out confused with nowhere to go for all the positions in Ruto, Raila camps will be filled out by the time they would be coming in.

It's clear if this leaders do not come together they could find themselves cornered with nothing to do rather than joining the opposition. The leaders must come together for that's the only way they will be able to understand their direction.

Therefore if this leaders do not see things as they are today and understand the strong presidential candidates and align with them, they could find themselves locked out. It's a fact that Uhuru Kenyatta might not endorse any of the two for he seems to associate with Raila Odinga more ahead of 2022.

Kaochungulo newshub-gh@operanewshub.com