Music World: Biz Markie Is Dead

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One of the greatest Beat boxers has passed on. Sad news. Biz Markie has passed away due to diabetes complications, aged 57. The legendary hip hop artist is no more.

Everyone in our generation can relate to that and sing, 🎹“Oh baby you, got what I need, you say he’s just a friend, you said he’s just a friend. Then by the time we got to the second verse we sung it louder, Lol. “Mr Biz Markie your gone but will NEVER be forgotten.

"I can remember so many times trying to beat box like you until my lips was sore & whenever we saw each other your energy was always so full of Life/Love/& Good Vibes. Your impact in the culture Is 4EVER & you will NEVER be Forgotten. Rest king @BizMarkie," a fan wrote on her timeline.

Thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Your legacy will live on. As Opera News Hub Family we tender our sincere condolences to the entire Hip Hop family and more especially Biz Markie fans.

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