Buying your own death? Your own phone can kill you if you don't stop doing these.


Keypad phones and mobile phones are now everyone's choice. Almost everyone in the world has a phone. Due to technology, phones can do amazingly great. I know we all know what phones can do so I don't have to say it. However, many people are using their phones but not using them well. They might die if it, which I call buying your own death? Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Many people are using their phones wrong which may kill them slowly. Below are some of the things if you don't stop, your own phone can kill you:

1. Using the phone while on charge

Radiation in phones is really another factor, when you use your phone whiles charging it. It emits radiation the most which might can cause brain tumor and even cancer.

2. Making phone calls while your phone is on charge.

If you use your phone whiles it's on charge, it may explode over a short period of time because, the heat and the radiation produced in the phone will be limitless. Causing explosion of the battery affecting which will explode the entire phone leading to the burning of the house, loss of property and death to the victim.

3. Using your phone too much with it near your head and body (especially the heart).

Using your phone too much with it near your head can cause poor vision or low sightedness (unable to see well or clearly) and using it too much with it near your heart can cause cancer. Symptoms includes using the phone and feeling like vomiting or having a nauseous feeling.

Physical effects:

* Using your phone (texting and walking) on the street can cause an unaware accident leading to death or severe injury.

* I hope we all know that it's prohibited to use your phone in a movie theater. Using your phone in a movie theater can make the security gun you down (shoot) you leading to death.

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