42 Nigerians Deported From Niger Republic: See What Senator Shehu Dani Said About That


Senator Shehu Dani is a Nigerian senator, a human Right activist, a reputable author, a panAfricanist, a dedicated fighter for freedom and justice .

Few minutes ago, he took to his Twitter page to share his on opinion/ thought on the new deportation of 42 Nigerians from our neighbouring country, Niger Republic.

According to his tweet, he said " with hundreds of thousands of citizens of Niger Republic living in Nigeria for generations, in must part of the north, deporting '42' Nigerians from Niger Republic can only trigger an action that will not be helpful to the brotherly relationship that exits between the two countries"

Below is a screenshot of his tweet.

Also here are some of the thoughtful comments from people who read the tweet.

Let me know what you think of this.

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